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IT Infrastructure

At Unidata systems LTD, we are well aware of the importance of a structured IT infrastructure for any organization in need. Depending on the size and requirement of the organization the need for IT resources will vary. Our expert engineers in this domain will meet the customer in person and take the requirement directly from clients to avoid any kind of miss communication. IT infrastructure solutions providers in Kenya is becoming a crucial success factor for every organization in Kenya. With our help all our customers were able to achieve such a success. Our IT Infrastructure solutions in Kenya includes: • Wireless Solutions: Wireless network means mobility for the user. We will analyze your location and implement most effective wireless solution based on your requirement. • Server and Storage Solutions: A central storage and backup system is what all business need to be safe with their data. We can make it work for you. • Telecommunication Solutions: Communication is the key factor for the success of any business. We are here to deliver you quality communication solutions for your needs. • Software Solutions: Software can make your work easier than ever before. We can help you with finding the right software for you needs. Our software solutions ranges from simple office automation tools to complex ERP software system. • IT Security Solutions: Security is the most important factor in order to keep all your data safe. Relevant experience in testing your IT infrastructure security is what makes us special for these tasks. Our top priority is to create an IT infrastructure which is able to scale depending on the requirement of the organization. We are well known for delivering managed IT services to companies in Dubai. Syscom Distributions LLC is your trusted source to get complete IT solution for the successful operation of your organization. We have partnered with all major IT system manufacturers from Servers to Wireless Access Points. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses in Dubai is worried about their budget before implementing any kind of IT infrastructure for their business. As we have a great relationship with all the leading brands, we can deliver the best price possible for every product you need. Our service engineers are also very skilled in implementing most cost-effective yet future proof IT solutions for your business environment. We cannot compromise on every need while building up a strong foundation. In that case you need to trust an expert to get the maximum benefit from your investment. We have years of experience in delivering IT infrastructure for clients from various industries. Each of them had different kinds of business locations and requirements. We were able to tackle all those problems to provide them what they want. Our Expertise in this domain not just limited to any kind of hardware solutions for the IT infrastructure. We also expertise in delivering custom software solution for our clients depending on their business needs. If you are looking for an all-in-one solutions for your IT requirements. Then you are in the right plus. Give us a call to discuss more.

IT Security Solutions

Data Security is the major challenge that businesses face now-a-days. The act of data being hacked or the Data loss due to software bugs and hardware malfunctions are becoming common these days. The companies are becoming more and more dependent on computer systems to fulfil their day-to-day task. With the emergence of external and internal security threats the organizations have become more concerned about the security practices that need to be implemented. Customer information, personal files, account details and other sensitive data belonging to the company are very crucial and these information need to be protected with the advanced security measures. Often the companies overlook the threats or they don’t expect threats. They may think the threats to their data won’t happen and can retrieve easily. But in this new age of cyber-attacks, that kind of thoughts are absurd. Considering the worst-case scenario, it is important to provide your business with adequate security measures. Why all organization need an IT Security Solution? Organizations are equally vulnerable when it comes to IT security. As the computer networks become more and more intricate, the organizations should be well concerned of the system security as well. The fact is that a non-secured network can easily be broken by even a novice hacker. Most of the attacks occurs by intruding into the network and by increasing the network security you are decreasing the chance of identity threats, privacy spoofing and so on. Anything from customer information to company sensitive information to business and personal financial records will be stolen or affected because of the security breaches. Now these days, individuals who are expert in hacking possess a high degree of proficiency in programming too that makes it easy to enter into user privacy info. With the programming skills, he or she can easily intrude into the network somewhat easily. By utilizing the snags in the network operating systems and the transmission control protocols, the hackers can get the easy access to the network easily. By the nature of the attacks it can be classified as Structured, unstructured, password attacks, IP address spoofing, eaves dropping, phishing attacks, application layer attacks and more. IT Security in Kenya and how do the security attacks happen? It is not the external threats by the hackers poses a great challenge to the business, sometimes the employees themselves turn a biggest risk to the enterprises intentionally or unintentionally. This may cause due to the installation of certain privacy software in their PC’s that may be already infected with the viruses or Trojans and some other times they forget to secure their computers by not shutting down allowing to become the target to possible attackers. Due to all these vulnerable factors your business network infrastructure must have a strong security plan that protect your information in a sophisticated way. Failure to take proper action in doing these kind of small activities can be devastating to your network. Therefore like the other policies your business must have a strong and reliable network security planning that can avert the most identified and unidentified security threats. Better solutions for your network safety In the view of providing high level security to your network environment, you should adapt proven protection strategies such as the implementation of firewalls, good password plan, create a security culture in company and so on. There are several proven vendors that can provide effective mechanisms using firewall, malware blocking, spam filtering, virus protection, phishing locking etc… Firewalls Firewall protection keeps your network from intrusions, viruses, malwares, spywares, Trojans and other attacks. Highly advanced firewalls are available in the market such as the SonicWall firewall, Fortinet firewall and so on. Due to the advanced inspection features and prevention mechanisms these firewalls are considered as the next generation firewall. Packet filtering firewall: This kind of firewall employs advanced inspection of the data packets before entering into the network. These next generation firewalls incorporate the advanced filtering capabilities that makes your network far secured. Stateful firewall: Stateful firewall is a network firewall that keep monitoring the active connections that is available in the network. It makes of this information to decide which data packet to allow through the firewall. This form of filtering is otherwise called Dynamic packet filtering. Application-layer firewall: Content filtering is done better with this firewall. They inspect well the information within the packet and make decisions based on the content. Therefore through this advanced security any application requests can be gauged well before traversing into the network. Proxy Firewalls: Proxy firewalls lies in between the client and servers on the network. This actively monitor the traffic coming for the protocols such as the HTTP and FTP. In deciding the packets to be allowed into the network it utilize stateful inspection and deep packet inspection to analyze for any attacks. Deciding on the best could be somewhat confusing, a good security provider can assist you to get the best of firewall for your data and network security. Apart from these firewalls, We also deliver Anti-Virus Solutions too. Check out our Software Solutions page to explore more on that. There are lots of products to explore from Unidata Systems Ltd. Would you like to have a conversation? Contact us now.

Software Solutions

Software is an inevitable part of every successful organization. The requirement for software may vary depending on your industry. If you own a company you might need an Enterprise Resource Planning Software to monitor each and every operation in your business. There are so many modules that you can select based on the type of industry you are in. If you are in a service sector, then you need a complete CRM solution. A Customer Relationship management software can help you to know your customer and their relationship with your company. Whatever may be your requirement, we are here to help you. At Syscom Distributions LLC we are delivering complete customer software solutions as per your requirement. We are dynamic Software Solutions Company based on the values of moral and ethical business practices. Having the commitment, passion and dedication to excel we strive hard to offer the best value propositions to our customers in an accountable way. Our competitive edge is the combined strengths of our people and processes and technology. These strengths give us the advantage of delivering strategic value through operational efficiency and providing cost effective, accurate, timely solutions. Our solutions range from offering consultancy on strategizing IT roadmap for your organization to developing global standard e-Business solutions. In the past few years of our operations, we have gained a formidable mind shares in the new age business paradigms, not to mention our experience and exposure to the cutting-edge technologies. Software success for the enterprise and workgroups is more about people than technology. Personal attention, listening, experience and common sense are all key ingredients to a winning software project. Our software solutions are designed to jumpstart the productivity of your staff and maximize the return on your software investment. Great software is the foundation of that return, but it’s our people and professional services that distance us from the competition. There are two kinds of software companies. Product-oriented companies want to sell you seats or subscriptions and then move on to the next sale. Service-oriented companies want to work with you and get to know your business -- your workflows, processes, problems, opportunities, your people and their goals. Unidata Systems is a product-oriented software solution provider. Our subject-matter expertise and professional services are what turn our customers into 'fans'. We have great people who care about your success and know how to take seemingly complex issues and put them in simple terms. We recognize that every organization has unique characteristics and constraints, and there’s not a ‘boilerplate’ approach to every installation. After getting to know your business, the following professional services may be offered with our solutions: • Project Management • Professional Consulting and Needs Analysis • IT Coordination and Security Configuration • Data Translation and Conversion • Training – Onsite or online • ERP/HCM System Integration • Rapid Deployment and Agile Development When done right, the returns on your investment in a services-oriented solution – increased productivity, immediate access to the right information, and the efficiencies gained by the elimination of information ‘silos’ – far outweigh the cost of software and implementation. We combine traditional IT experience with internet development expertise and knowledge of emerging technologies. This gives you the ability to extend your existing IT investment whilst gaining maximum advantage from the new developments. We understand your business goals and will design the appropriate technology solution. It’s in our genetic code. There is nothing more important to us than you feeling comfortable in front of your computer. Our project managers, technical support staff, developers, and sales team are all the types of people that want to make people satisfied, happy, and most importantly, successful. Contact us to know more about our Software Solutions in Kenya.

Test & Measurement Solution

Syscom Measurement Solutions offer I/O Performance and Flexibility, Signal Processing Bandwidth and Partial Re-configurability to Enable Next Generation Platforms test

Wireless Solution

Wireless networks are becoming an inevitable part of every organization in Kenya. With the incredible increase in the network traffic as well as the equipment, organizations are shifting their wired network to wireless, this will helps them to get off from the structured wiring procedure to an extent. Systematic implementation of a networking solution can help an organization to save more money on their communication expenses. To implement such a good network, you need an assistance from expert engineers in this field. They will be able to identify the best resources and devices that can satisfy your requirements. With Unidata Systems Ltd wireless solutions, you can enjoy the Convenience, Mobility, High Productivity and Expandability from your network infrastructure. Less cost and Easy deployment are the major factors that give wireless solutions a competitive advantage over wired connectivity. With help of innovative wireless technologies, we make sure that all our clients are able to stay connected with their business – Anytime and Anywhere. Here are some benefits that you can expect from our wireless solutions:

Wireless Networks Are Scalable

One of the main goals of small businesses is growth, but if your network can’t grow with you, it will cause problems. When you use cables to connect your machines, growth means moving, adding or rerouting cables every time there’s a change. This can be a time-consuming and tedious process, but it’s one you can avoid with an infrastructure wireless network. If someone needs to be added to the wireless network, a new user must simply be created on the server. Similarly, if an employee moves desks or the company changes locations, there are no wires to manage, unplug and plug in again somewhere else. Wireless Networks Are Mobile If you have to attend meetings throughout the day and want to take your laptop, having wires can be inconvenient. Every conference room or office would need to have multiple ports to plug your cable in and you have to take your wires with you everywhere you go to be able to access online information. When your network is wireless, you can move about the office using any device without interrupting your connection. Wireless Networks Can Be Used by Guests Do your clients ever come to your place of business for meetings? If so, having a wireless networking solution provides them the ability to work and access information they need while in your office. As well as making the sharing of information easier, it offers a nice convenience for guests visiting your office. Wireless Networks Work With Multiple Devices Whether your device of choice is a laptop, phone or tablet, you can connect to the network with a simple click. This is convenient for visiting partners or clients, as well as employees who need to accomplish different tasks throughout the day, such as taking notes or checking email in between meetings. Wireless Networks Increase Efficiency Using a wireless network can increase productivity for a lower cost. Because of the increased mobility, employees can collaborate and share information wherever they need to and even take action in meetings instead of just taking notes and doing it later. Additionally, the cost to install and maintain an infrastructure wireless network is much less than the wired alternative. A large, wired network requires purchasing cabling and paying for labor to have it run throughout the building, plus additional costs long-term when cables need to be added or replaced. While wireless networking solutions aren’t right for every business (e.g., employees work individually on a desktop and never need to leave their desks), they can offer helpful benefits to many. Before having a network set up, weigh the differences between the two types of systems and make the best choice for your business needs. If you are expecting a hassle free networking solution for your organization, then contact us to know more about our wireless solutions.

Contact Center Solution

Operating an efficient, high-performance contact center has never been easier with our products that focus on contact center management. From accurately forecasting workloads to monitoring agents’ performance and tracking key metrics with real-time reporting, we help you deliver an outstanding customer experience. Our call center infrastructure solutions adhere to international standards encompassing employee health, security, a full-fledged training facility, protection against fire and excellent power backup. • Easily manage agent and customer interactions • Increase efficiencies and contact center productivity • Deliver outstanding customer experiences • Improve agents’ performance with coaching and training • Track critical metrics for smart contact center management • Manage your contact center from anywhere Here at Syscom Distributions LLC, we give our clients the power to decide upon their requirement. We deliver unique call center solutions that help contact centers improve the quality of the customer experience. Because our focus is in customer service, we put a large emphasis on streamlining technology to benefit our customers and our customers' customers. When it comes to choosing a contact center platform, there are two options available: 1. Premise-based, which is static technology 2. Cloud-based, which is more flexible. The premise-based model relies on the purchase of hardware, software, and human resources to manage both. Contact centers are forced to make large capital investments in equipment and therefore are subjected to continued investments in the maintenance of that equipment. Additionally, users of premise-based platforms may incur additional cost to upgrade to the latest hardware and software solutions. In a nutshell, the premise scenario requires a company to manage all technical infrastructure in-house. On the other hand, the cloud model is subscription-based, so all hardware, software, and management is handled by the cloud provider. Imagine no longer having to pay for things like servers, routers, and other network equipment. Imagine no longer having to pay for hardware upgrades or the latest software. Imagine no longer having to make large capital investments in technology that will become obsolete within a year. Instead, company subscribes to a cloud-based contact center solution provider, and technical infrastructure becomes an operating expense. This equates to substantial cost savings, streamlined IT, and simple scalability. Even though cloud-based solutions are providing this much of benefits to you, still companies prefer to have their own contact center solution. Why? Trust is the matter of fact. You cannot completely trust on other companies for the safety of your customer data. In that case, you should approach a contact center solution provider who is well aware of different kinds of contact center technologies. Depending on your requirements they can suggest you a better solution in Dubai UAE.

Telecom Solutions

In the telecommunications marketplace, the pace of technology, innovation and the proliferation of new services have created an unprecedented level of complexity and confusion. AtUnidata Systems Ltd, we remove all the complexities and act as your single source for selecting procuring and managing your telecom services. As a result of aligning our customers with best-in-class providers and streamlining key processes, our customers typically realize an average savings of thirty percent. With Unidata Systems your savings go beyond dollars and cents to deliver business value on multiple levels. As an example when services are proposed directly by the carrier they have no choice but to position their product in a way that makes it look perfect for your needs even when it isn't. Keeping abreast of the technologies, services, players and rates in the marketplaces is a full-time job at Unidata Systems Ltd. We completely handle that job so you can get back to yours. Our team of industry specialists, our relationships with leading service providers and our negotiation expertise make us your one-stop resource for cost-effective telecom solutions. Today there are more carriers and service providers to choose from than ever before and each excels in their own distinct way based on their target customer. Whether it's hosted or premise-based office phone systems or traditional technologies such as local long distance internet or audio and video conferencing, Syscom’s carrier-neutral support ensures that you are paired with the best providers for your business. We work with our strategic partners to help you with every aspect of setup and implementation all the way down to the wiring and data cable installation. A trusted partner meet your expectations and adds value whenever possible. Our industry experts know how an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction uniquely enable us to do both. Syscom engineers are skilled advisors and adept at problem solving. All with the end goal of delivering real savings to your business. Whether you need help with strategic technology decisions or executing an office move you can count on Syscom for a telecom solution. Given the complexities of today's market working with Unidata Systems to assist with the selection procurement and management of your telecom services has widespread advantages. Regardless of your needs, Syscom can help you get the most out of your telecom investment and at the breakneck pace of modern business having the best telecom solutions in place can be a determining factor in differentiating your organization and staying competitive. If you haven't already contacted Unidata Systems and you're considering entering into a new telecom agreement have us review your contract offers before you commit we will evaluate your contract against a variety of industry benchmarks and provide our feedback to you within the minimum time, no strings attached . Because we negotiate new agreements each and every day we are uniquely positioned to ensure that your company receives the best possible contract available in the marketplace. Before you execute that new long-term agreement contact our team of experts today and gain some peace of mind.

Business Solution

Unidata Systems Ltd is a premier information systems consulting company with a difference. We bring our talent to your project when and where you need it most - whether it's temporary or long-term staff enhancement, a custom implementation solution, or developing a specific software application for your project. Streamlining operations, reducing costs, increasing revenues, improving customer satisfaction. These are just some of the measurable benefits that our customers have realized directly by implementing our Business solutions. We are mainly focused on physical IT equipments that you need for your business enhancement as well as smooth operations of your business.

Business Communication

Business communication solutions are ways of solving the communication problems that your business goes through in the attempt to improve the approaches and increase profits.Unidata Systems offers to all companies and organizations, regardless of their size, specialized equipment that allows you to capture, compute and transmit all visual, voice and text data, without exception, within the framework of business activities. In the last several years technology has taken vast leaps forward. The need for advanced cabling, installation, and service of custom and commercial phone systems is on the rise. Along with networking and installation of all data communication needs, driven by advancing developments in the world of communication, computers, smart phones, and tablets. The ability to “stay connected” using the most advanced equipment available is first and foremost for some companies. Communicating with offices and customers around the world is an everyday event in the business world - why not make it a part of yours. The business communication solutions involve the medium of getting the communication across to the customers. There are written and spoken means that can effectively be used or combined to give the best outcome. These depend on type of business, accessibility and target audience. Let Unidata systems ltd fill the gap between the system you have and the communication system you want. Allow us the opportunity to surprise and amaze you with our superior service provided by friendly, courteous, professional, technicians. We offer Business Phone Systems, Business Network Systems, and Business System Software. So, whether it is cabling, installation, or service, we offer top of the line products from well-known brands such as Avaya, Cisco, Samsung, D-Link and many more. So do you require a Business Phone, Network, or Software System; Music on Hold, Voicemail, Call Recording and Accounting, Hybrid Phones, Open Source Phones or VoIP?. Contact us to get the complete products for all your requirements.